Current Affairs Quiz – 101


1.    The Phase – I of NFHS – IV released recently provides findings on maternal and child health and nutrition for how many states?

a)  15
b)  29
c)  13
d)  20

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2.    Name the senior journalist and former editor of daily Loksatta who passed away on 19 January 2016 in Mumbai.

a)  Jhumpa Ranade
b)  Aroon Tikekar
c)  Arun Tikekara
d)  Vivan Pandey

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3.    What is the name of the programme sponsored by the European Union for developing methods of using nuclear weapons to deflect asteroids and comets from colliding with the Earth?

a)  COMETShield
b)  NEOShield
c)  ASTCOMET Shield
d)  NEOWISE Shield

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4.    In which European city the 46th Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum began on 20 January 2016?

a)  London
b)  Berlin
c)  Davos
d)  Paris

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5.    Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare on 19 January 2016 released the Phase – I of National Family Health Survey (NFHS) – IV. The NFHS – IV covers the period

a)  2005-06
b)  2010-2015
c)  2015-16
d)  2005-2010

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6.    The 8th India-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue was held on 19 January 2015 in

a)  London
b)  New Delhi
c)  Mumbai
d)  Manchester

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7.    Which state government on 19 January 2016 approved 35 percent reservation for women in all government jobs including reserved and unreserved category?

a)  Odisha
b)  Assam
c)  Bihar
d)  Telangana

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8.    Which satellite was launched by the PSLV-C31 on 20 January 2016?

a)  IRNSS 1-B
b)  IRNSS 1-C
c)  IRNSS 1-D
d)  IRNSS 1-E

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9.    Who was appointed as the chairman of Andhra Pradesh Commission for Backward Classes on 18 January 2016?

a)  Justice V. Eswaraiah
b)  Justice KL Manjunath, (Retd.)
c)  Justice M.N. Rao
d)  None of them

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10.    Name the Indian racer who on 16 January 2016 won the prestigious Lady Wigram Trophy in New Zealand.

a)  Jehan Daruvala
b)  Karun Chandok
c)  Narain Karthikeyan
d)  Varun Sharma

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11.    Identify the state for which Union Government sanctioned 33000 crore rupees for infrastructure development projects on 19 January 2016.

a)  Tamilnadu
b)  Kerala
c)  Karnataka
d)  Gujarat

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12.    Which state government on 19 January 2016 signed a MoU for skill training programme for the youth?

a)  Bihar
b)  Karnataka
c)  Andhra Pradesh
d)  Maharashtra

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13.    Who was on 19 January 2016 appointed as the head of the Committee on Yoga Education in Universities by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development?

a) Dr Rajesh Nallapati
b) Prof H R Nagendra
c)  Dr Jancy James
d)  Prof J Anantha Swamy

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14.    What is the name of the volcano that erupted in Russia’s Far Eastern Kamchatka peninsula on 19 January 2016?

a)  Shiveluch
b)  Zhupanovsky
c)  Mount Egon
d)  Petropavlovsk

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15.    In which country on 19 January 2016 a unity government was formed under an UN-brokered deal?

a)  Libya
b)  Egypt
c)  Ghana
d)  Nigeria

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