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Book: India Year Book 2016 in English
As you are aware that Reference Books are crucial to Prelims preparation since they contain a lot of information across different topics in a single book which is otherwise available in different formats and books. India Year Book 2016 published by Publications Division, Govt. of India, is one of the most important reference books for IAS preparation since it contains official and authentic information across all sectors. And UPSC relies upon it for sourcing Prelims as well as Mains questions.

The good news is that India Year Book 2016 is now available online and you should get it quickly before stocks run out since it is in heavy demand. In this post I review the India Year Book 2016 for your benefit.

Download India Year Book 2016 PDF Released By Govt Of India

The content of India 2016 is divided in to 32 chapters like Land and the People, Agriculture, Defence, Education, Environment, Transport etc. In short, the coverage of topics is exhaustive and it is a gold mine of information for IAS aspirants.

It contains numerous tables with up-to-date information on Census figures, health, education and so on. The census or demographic information contained in India Year Book 2016 is very important since you can always expect 2-3 demography-based questions in Prelims each year.

The Polity chapter is also covered in detail with information on latest regional summits involving India like IBSA Forum, India-Malaysia Cooperation and so on. It also contains detailed information on various ministries and departments under them.

Similarly, the Defence topic deals with our missile arsenal in-depth and the different Defence undertakings. It also provides insight into the various defence deals India has struck recently like the Long Range Barak missile deal with Israel, Ramjet propulsion project with Russia and so on. What is more, it also provides a brief overview of the internal and external security environment which is useful from Mains perspective.

India Year Book 2016 also contains detailed information on states and UTs providing a brief introduction to the regions history and geography and principal demographic information like Area, population, capital, principal language, agriculture and irrigation, industry and power, transport, and tourist places.

The General Information section is also very useful from general awareness perspective. Some of the topics covered in this chapter are Rank and Precedence of persons, list of Presidents,Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chief Justices, Chief Election Commissioners, UPSC Chairmen etc.

India 2016 is also a powerhouse of Current Affairs knowledge and lists the important awards of 2015 like Padma awards, Sahitya Akademi awards, Gallantry awards and so on. It also lists the various amendments to the Indian Constitution since its inception right till 2015.

Impotance Color Codes –
Green: Most Important ; Blue: 2nd Priority ; Orange: 3rd Priority

Index :

  1. Land and the People
  2. National Symbols
  3. Polity — Comments: Focus more on Laxmikanth
  4. Agriculture
  5. Culture and Tourism
  6. Basic Economic Data — Comments : Focus more on Economic Survey —
  7. Commerce
  8. Communications and Information Technology
  9. Defence
  10. Education
  11. Energy
  12. Environment — Comments : Focus more on extra reading, particularly The Hindu–
  13. Finance
  14. Corporate Affairs
  15. Food and Civil Supplies
  16. Health and Family Welfare
  17. Housing
  18. India and the World
  19. Industry
  20. Justice and Law
  21. Labour
  22. Mass Communication
  23. Planning
  24. Rural and Urban Development
  25. Scientific and Technological Developments
  26. Transport
  27. Water Resources
  28. Welfare
  29. Youth Affairs and Sports
  30. States and Union Territories
  31. Diary of National Events
  32. General Information


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India Year Book 2016

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