Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh 7th Edition

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh 7th Edition is rapidly gaining stature and popularity among discerning readers. The book’s broad sweep of macro and micro issues, right from the heydays of centralized planning to the current era of liberalisation, makes it very useful for civil services aspirants, academicians, researchers and anyone interested in understanding the dynamics, evolution and present status of our economy.

Indian Economy for Civil Services Examination is a comprehensive book for candidates preparing for the Civil Services Examination. The book comprises of chapters on progress and growth, evolution of Indian economy, economic planning, planning in India, economic reforms, inflation, business cycles, Indian agriculture, and Indian capital market. In addition, the book consists of several model papers for thorough revision and final practice. This book is essential for students aspiring to work for the Union Public Service Commission of India.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Progress, Growth and Development
  3. Evolution of the Indian Economy
  4. Economic Planning
  5. Planning in IndiaEconomic Reforms
  6. Inflation and Business Cycle
  7. Indian Agriculture
  8. Indian Industry & Infrastructure
  9. India and the Global economy
  10. Indian Financial Market
  11. Banking in India
  12. Insurance in India
  13. Security Market in India
  14. External Sector of India
  15. International Economic Organisations & India
  16. Tax Structure in India
  17. Public Finance in India
  18. The Technology environment Dilemma
  19. Sustainability and Climate Change: India and the World
  20. Preparing for the Demographic Dividend
  21. Human Development in India
  22. Model Answers to Selected Questions
  23. Economics Concepts and Terminologies

Book: Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

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