List of Financial Aid Provided By Various World Organisation


List Of Financial AidList Of Financial Aid Provided By various World Organisation:

Dear Readers,
Here is given a list of Financial Aid Provided by Various Organizations across the World, which was expected questions in the various upcoming examinations. Mark all as important.

  1. World Bank – 100 Million USD  to Karnataka – for the purpose of Water supply around the state.
  2. World Bank – 100 Million USD to Jordon  – for the creation of jobs around the country.
  3. World Bank – 100 Million USD  to Lebanon  –  for development of Universal School
  4. World Bank – 150 Million USD to Latin America  –  to stop the Zika virus spread across the country.
  5. World Bank – 250 Million USD to Rajasthan  – for the state development in various sectors.
  6. World Bank – 1.5 Billion USD  to India–  for Swachch Bharat Abiyan
  7. World Bank – 63 Million USD to Jharkhand  –  for the Socio-Economic Empowerment of Adolescent Girls and Young Women: Tejaswini Project. ( List Of Financial Aid )
  8. World Bank – 201.5 Million USD to India  –  for the project “Technical Education Quality Improvement Project III India (TEQIP III)”.
  9. World Bank – 9.2 Million USD  –  for Efficient City Bus Service in India.
  10. Asian Development Bank – 100 Million USD to Tamil Nadu  –  for the purpose of Irrigation and water supply in the state.
  11. Asian Development Bank – 120 Million USD to Orissa  –  for the development of Irrigation and water supply in the state.
  12. Asian Development Bank – 200 Million dollarUSD to Jharkhand  –  for the expansion of 176km roads in the state.
  13. Asian Development Bank – 500 Million USD to Bihar  –  for the construction of largest bridge over river Ganga.
  14. International Monetary Fund – 510 Million USD to Pakistan  –  for the Economic Development of the country.
  15. International Monetary Fund – 1.5 Billion to Sri Lanka  –  for next 3 years.
  16. India – 1 million USD to Kabul  –  for maintenance of schools in the country.
  17. India  – 48.84 million US dollar to Nepal  –  to construct colleges in the country.
  18. Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank – 500 million dollar to India –  for solar power expansion across the country.
  19. New Development Bank – 250 Million USD –  for renewable energy project to Canara Bank.
  20. International Finance Corporation – 68 million USD  –  to Apollo Health Services.
  21. European Investment Bank – 3300 crore Rupees–  for development of Lucknow Metro Project.
  22. US – 2800 crore Rupees  –  for solar and internet development in India.

List of Financial Aid

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