[BOOK] India’s Struggle for Independence By Bipin Chandra



India’s Struggle for Independence

Dear Aspirants,

Today we are updating the most renowned book for preparation for modern history part. Hope it will add some fuel to our preparation.
Link is provided below

India’s Struggle for Independence


Socio Religious Reforms and the National Awakening
the Rise of Revolutionary Terrorism
The Home Rule Movement and Its Fallout
Civil Disobedience 1930 1932
The Years from 1932 1934
The Rise of the Left Wing
The Strategic Debate
Jinnah Golwalkar and Extreme Communalism
The Crisis at Tripuri to the Cripps Mission
The Quit India Movement and the INA
Post War National Upsurge
Freedom and Partition
The Long Term Strategy of the National Movement
The Ideological Dimension
Additional Reading
Twenty eight Months of Congress Rule
Peasant Movements in the 1930s and 40s
The Freedom Struggle in Princely India
Indian Capitalists and the National Movement
The Development of a Nationalist Foreign Policy
The Rise and Growth of Communalism
Communalism The Liberal Phase

Suggestion for the book: Buy a TEXT-BOOK instead of using this. Remember you will have to revise it all. Your time is precious, so get a text-book RIGHT NOW.

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