Quiz : Current Affairs – 04 Dec 2015


1.    A broad coalition of 290 organisations on 2 December 2015 announced Paris Pact on Water and Climate Change Adaptation. It was announced on the sidelines of which COP of UNFCC?

a)    COP20
b)    COP21
c)    COP22
d)    COP23

Ans. a

2.    Identify the nationwide campaign for persons with disabilities launched by Arun Jaitley on 3 December 2015 in New Delhi.

a)    Accessible India Movement
b)    Campaign for Disability Employment
c)    Disability Confident Campaign
d)    Accessible India Campaign

Ans. b

3.     What was India’s position in November 2015 edition of FIFA World Rankings announced on 3 December 2015?

a)    163
b)    164
c)    165
d)    166

Ans. d

4.    Name the state that on 3 November 2015 passed the MLA (Salaries, Allowances, Pension, etc) (Amendment) Bill, 2015 that seeks around 400 percent hike in the salaries of the MLAs.

a)    Karnataka
b)    Delhi
c)    Gujarat
d)    Bihar

Ans. d

5.    India on 3 December 2015 signed a Memorandum of Understanding on air services with which country?

a)    Republic of Korea
b)    Germany
c)    United States of America
d)    France

Ans. a

6.   Which football team topped the November 2015 edition of FIFA World Rankings announced on 3 December 2015?

a)    Argentina
b)    Spain
c)    Belgium
d)    Germany

Ans. c

7.    Navy day is celebrated every year to commemorate the success of which operation of Indian Navy that was carried out during the 1971 Indo-Pak war

a)    Operation Trident
b)    Operation Python
c)    Operation Gibraltar
d)    Operation Grand Slam

Ans. a

8.    The first India International Science Festival (IISF) began on 4 December 2015 at

a)    IIT-Mumbai
b)    IIT-Delhi
c)    IISc-Bangalore
d)    ISM-Dhanbad

Ans. b

9. Union Cabinet on 2 December 2015 approved Regional Centre for Biotechnology Bill, 2015 to give legal status to an already established institution. In this context, identify the city in which the centre exists?

a)    Faridabad
b)    Mumbai
c)    Chennai
d)    Hyderabad

Ans. a


10.    Name the textile corporation of India that on 3 December 2015 signed Integrity Pact with Transparency International India.

a)    Handicrafts & Handlooms Exports Corporation (HHEC)
b)    National Handloom Development Corporation (NHDC)
c)    Jute Corporation of India (JCI)
d)    National Textile Corporation (NTC)

Ans. d

11.    To what percentage the priority sector lending target for RRBs was increased to by the RBI on 3 December 2015?

a)    85
b)    75
c)    65
d)    55

Ans. b


12.    Name the state that was asked by its High Court on 3 December 2015 to formulate a rural-friendly policy to encourage rural youth to participate in farming so that migration to urban areas can be curbed.

a)    Arunachal Pradesh
b)    Maharashtra
c)    Tamil Nadu
d)    Uttar Pradesh

Ans. b

13.  Vyachakurahalli village became first smokeless village in the country in December 2015. Identify the state to which it belongs to?

a)    Karnataka
b)    Telangana
c)    Kerala
d)    Tamil Nadu

Ans. a

14.    44th Navy Day was observed in India on

a)    3 December 2015
b)    4 December 2015
c)    30 November 2015
d)    1 December 2015

Ans. b

15.    Which state on 3 December 2015 became the first state of India to launch Rotavirus vaccination project?

a)    Haryana
b)    Himachal Pradesh
c)    Karnataka
d)    Maharashtra

Ans. b

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