Tina Dabi: Topper 2015, Profile, Family & Boyfriend


Tina Dabi of Delhi is the topper of Civil Services Examination, 2015. In all, 1078 candidates were recommended by UPSC for two All India Services – IAS and IPS, and other Central Services, viz. IFS, IRS and ITS, among others. Tina has always been a mercurial young girl and has shown immense potential throughout her career. This result is a testimony of her determination. She has obviously selected for IAS as her first choice and Haryana as her first choice for cadre.

The UPSC Civil Services Examination is the most prestigious competitive examination of India. The Civil Services result for 2015 has reflected the true spirit of Indian secularism where the first ranker is a Hindu, the second is a Muslim and the third one is a Punjabi/Sikh. It has also again showed the growing clout of woman in the Indian Civil Services.

Tina Dabi UPSC Exam Topper 2016
Tina Dabi UPSC Exam Topper 2016

Profile of Tina Dabi

Tina was born in Bhopal. She shifted with her parents to Delhi when she was in class VII. Since then she is living Delhi only. She has done schooling from Convent of Jesus and Mary.

Her mother Himani Dabi is an engineer while her father Jaswanth Dabi is working with the Department of Telecom, also as an engineer. Actually, both of her parents had cracked UPSC Indian Engineering Services – IES. As a matter of fact, Himani Dabi had done B. Tech from NIT, Bhopal from where she was a topper. Tina has one younger sister, named Riya.

After completing her schooling, she took admission in the Lady Sriram College of Commerce in 2011. She didn’t go for B.Com from here, rather she took admission in B. A. Political Science. You will be surprised to know that from this very year she had started to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Examination. She had in fact taken admission in Rau’s IAS Academy in 2011 when she was only 18 year old. Here are two images of Rau’s IAS Enrollment Form.


She has deep interest in the Constitution of India and the Indian politics from her school days. Her interest got reflection in her very first year result where she was topper among of Delhi University in Political Science discipline.

Tina Dabi is also endowed with amazing oratory skill. In fact, she has been a profound debater since her school days.


She was the Vice Speaker of Youth Parliament, 2012 where her performance was simply scintillating.

It is even more pleasant to see that Tina has cracked the exam in her very first attempt. And, she is only 22 years old. In that sense, if she continues to work as an IAS, someday she will become the Cabinet Secretary to the Government of India.

There is no denying that Tina is an inspiration for Indian youths, particularly girls.

Tina’s family is settled in Delhi.

As a matter of fact, Tina Dabi is a Dalit girl. Isn’t it pleasant surprise that a Dalit girl topped the UPSC Civil Services Examination at the age of 22 years in her very first attempt? By caste, she is a Kamble, a SC.


Boyfriend of Tina Dabi

There is no denying that Tina is quite beautiful and adorable. It is natural that youngsters also want to know whether she is any committed relationship or not.

Tina is single and not looking for any committed relationship at this moment. All of her time is devoted for study. The result says it all.

Tina Dabi on Reservation

As mentioned above, Tina had never used reservation in her entire career. A Fake Facebook profile of her uses this fact and showed that Tina Dabi has some ‘reservation about reservation’. There are lots of fake Facebook profiles of Tina Dabi, which were created after the UPSC results. It is quite clear from this viral Facebook post that the writer is not Tina. In the first paragraph itself, she seems to be taking name of Narendra Modi as the person who had inspired her. She is a smart and well-educated girl and understand the importance of neutrality and anonymity in the Weberian bureaucracy which is prevalent in India. She will never make a statement which can be construed as political one, or which can be used to propagate the agenda of a party. The person who had written this post using Tina Dabi name seems to be a supporter of Narendra Modi. He/she should know that by doing this type of outrageous stuff, he/she is only creating problems for his leader. Obviously, one can’t blame Narendra Modi for this.


Interestingly, she is also not seems to be happy with ‘Jai Bhim‘ being commented by various users in congratulatory messages to her. Ludicrous, isn’t it?
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    1. For your information, Tina Dabi is not against reservation, rather she used reservation to clear prelims.

      Her marks in pre are only 96 while gen cut off is 107. And its not a rumour but its a fact, many have her prelims marksheet.

      and what this dalit dalit, both parents engineers, high ranking officers, still dalit dalit cry.

      she and her family are shameless enough to avail reservation.

      If u want proof of her prelims marks, I will put the snapshot of her marksheet.

      1. Yeah man .. It’s true. She mostly focused on mains exams and just prepared 1 or 2 months for prelims as she had a upper hand with reservation and it’s evident. A General student need to focus on both the exams equally as one cannot appear in mains without qualifying in prelims.

      2. You are absolutely right bro and i also agree with agree with Abhishek Sharma. How shamelessly she is ignoring the fact.

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